What if the fitness gurus were WRONG?
Cinnamon Bun Loving, 49 Year Old Mother Of 2 Reveals The Unsexy Truth About Sculpting Seriously Sexy Legs At ANY Age…
Without the nauseating hype, breathtaking lies, and inevitable disappointment of mainstream fitness programs.
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Because if the mainstream fitness gurus were RIGHT, every man, woman and child would have a 6-pack, tight booty, and a modeling contract, right?

So let’s get real, shall we?

Hi there, it’s Susan. 

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m sick and tired of the inaccurate and downright DANGEROUS info that passes for fitness advice these days...
  •  I’m tired of the hardcore “slim and tone” routines designed by sadists for childless Olympians…
  •  I’m sick of the “do nothing, wake up sexy” charlatans that prey on our hopes and dreams...
  •  I’m tired of “fat busting” diets that leave you hating food and literally starving…(as if that’s the right way to treat your body!)
I mean, sometimes you just want to eat a damn muffin without feeling guilty afterwards...

And you should be able to! 

But if you want to eat ALL the muffins. With no consequences. Then there’s a problem!

So I get it, it’s nice to dream about banishing cellulite, unleashing your inner swimsuit model, and taking your legs from flabby to fabulous in 30 days or less…

But we agreed to be real with one another, right?

So here’s the gosh-honest truth:
Most crappy programs promise astounding results for no real effort.

Other crappy programs promise astounding results...but only for devoting your life to the gym.

Thanks goodness there’s a 3rd option…
I’m a 49 year old mother of two that loves cinnamon buns - preferably with extra icing! 

I’m also a 6-time all natural world champion figure athlete (WBFF AND FAME PRO)!

Mainstream fitness “wisdom” would have you believe this is impossible.

And yet, despite the fact I occasionally enjoy a toasted bagel, a buttery croissant, or a piece of dark forest cake, publications such as STATUS FITNESS, have cited me as having a "near perfect” physique.

In fact, I break a lot of the “rules” that popular TV personalities claim as truth:
  •  I love carbs. I love baking carb-filled goodies and I take great delight in eating them. But NOT in unlimited quantity!
  • I DON’T spend hours in the gym each day. But I DO make movement a priority in my life.
  • I DON’T have “superhuman” willpower. I DO have a system to make eating “mistakes” the right way (that doesn’t result in weight gain) 
  • I NEVER starve myself. EVER. 
I believe our bodies are something to be respected, loved, and enjoyed.

And I’m here to separate the truth from the lies about getting seriously sexy legs...just like fitness gurus hope to separate you from your hard earned cash.

That truth isn’t sexy. But if you read this letter to the end, I believe your legs WILL be.

Why? Because I’ve seen the transformations with my own eyes…

Take Carol. These images were taken less than 12 weeks apart. By the way, she is 54! 
Incredible, right? Who wouldn't want to rock their favorite mini skirt with legs like these?
So right now - I'd like to show you how to get similar results in your own life, using something I call…
Seriously Sexy Legs
Seriously Sexy Legs is my 12 week total program for slimming, sculpting and revealing “impossible not to stare at” legs!

This isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before, and here’s why:

Most fitness programs, even those created by well meaning (but misinformed) trainers, make 3 big mistakes:
1. Treating everyone and every-body the same - when there’s abundant evidence that there’s a ton of variation between people even of the same age, gender, and ethnicity!

I prefer an individual approach - giving you a success plan that works for YOU specifically.

2. Unrealistic nutrition strategies that rely on willpower and self-repression instead of activating the body’s innate ability to [?????] sort things out properly when it is fed and nourished for maximum strength, wellness and releasing stored fat.

3. Targeting the symptoms of fat gain and fat retention instead of the underlying causes. (Once you know how to target the CAUSE of fat gain, dropping weight becomes natural...practically automatic)

Here’s why the Seriously Sexy Legs program works where most others fail…

First, I designed it specifically for moms and carb lovers...just like me. So even if you’ve struggled in the past, don’t worry. I’ve gone through the same challenges myself.
The FIRST THING to understand is that it’s

Women have a predisposition
to hold onto fat, especially on their legs!
Mother Nature has stacked the deck against us! Men just do not face the same challenges 
when it comes to leg and thigh fat. In fact...
FAT CELLS known as adipocytes on your legs and buttocks are just containers for a much deeper fat issue? The DEEPER problem is that the fat is actually TRAPPED IN THE adipocyte cell! This TRAPPED FAT is the most stubborn of all! 

Eek! Sounds scary, right?
Well it is!

These fat trapping cells are “exercise resistant”.  
That is...Even if you are exercising properly 7 days per week and doing everything “right,” changing your exercises up, doing resistance training, doing cardio AND even eating healthy, all of these combined, you might lose a few pounds here or there (usually “water weight”, which gets put right back on the second you stray from the program). BUT - without getting these fat trapping cells to release their grip on their stockpile of fat, then there’s no way to actually burn it!
This is going to get technical for a second. But it’s critically important!
1. The fat trapped in a cell is composed of triaglycerol molecule.
In order to release the trapped fat, the triaglycerol’s molecule must first be SPLIT. Otherwise, it can’t exit the cell!
2. Once split, the trapped fat is then released into the bloodstream in the form of Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) which are propelled to muscles where energy is needed.

3. The more blood that reaches the muscles being worked, the more FFA’s are delivered to those muscles.

Here’s how I discovered by accident how to make this process happen...
How I Discovered The Truth About Burning Fat
I have been in and out of gyms for many years, doing every conceivable type of exercise, classes, aerobics and the like. 
One day, after a particularly challenging set, I looked around and saw something I had never taken much notice of; I was the only person not standing still between sets! 

People were sitting on machines, chatting with others, counting down their rest period, some were texting, others were in the “zone.” 

I was doing something no one else was, which turned out to be my secret weapon for leaner legs!

Remember: The more of these FFAs you get from these fat trapping cells to your muscles, the more fat you burn.

So the secret was simple: just by continuing to move between sets, I drastically increased the fat-burning power of each workout!

So you see, there’s not some magic fat burning formula the gurus are keeping from you, it’s all simple biology.

Once I discovered this simple truth, I started sharing it with the women close to me, and they started getting incredible results similar to mine…
Here’s how the Seriously Sexy Legs program can get YOU results:
The program is broken down into 3 phases of transformation: STRENGTHEN, SCULPT, SLIM - so whether you’re used to daily exercise or the last time you broke a sweat was high school gym class, I’ve got a plan to have you making progress and feeling good about yourself right from day 1.

You can get started right away using just your body weight! No equipment is required - though if you want to challenge yourself you can add in a pair of hand weights if you’d like ;)

The exercises and workouts are short and fast paced for busy people who don't necessarily have time to go to the gym, or spend hours a day training.

But fair warning: If you aren’t willing to find 20 minutes to invest in your body 4x a week, please don’t buy this program

We both know that “do nothing, wake up sexy” is a myth. I’m here to give you the truth. 

And the truth is that if you can’t dedicate even 80 minutes a week to something, then it’s a fantasy, not a real-life priority.

Got 20 minutes for becoming your best self? Then here’s THE PLAN

PHASE 1 - STRENGTHEN! - DURATION 4 weeks - 4 workouts per week, each workout 20-30 minutes on average.

To train effectively, you have got to become strong enough to go the distance. We are going to lay a foundation for strength and power using the exact techniques that helped me build award winning legs. We are going after the DEEPEST layer of fat in this phase - and it doesn’t stand a chance!

PHASE 2 - SLIM! - DURATION 4 weeks - 4 workouts per week, each workout 20-30 minutes on average.

We are going to need all that power we built in Phase 1, as we begin to chisel away and uncover legs that demand attention in that little black dress, your favourite jeans, or shhh… wearing little, to nothing at all.

PHASE 3 - SCULPT! - DURATION 4 weeks - 4 workouts per week, each workout 20-40 minutes on average.

THE PAYOFF! You are going to be so motivated with what you have achieved that now instead of looking away from the mirror, maybe you’ll let out a giggle of admiration. But we are not quite there yet! Now, we have to bring it all together. Everything has to be on point these last 4 weeks! The power we built that brought the sculpting, now combined with the Phase 3 Slim, to unleash those Seriously Sexy Legs.
Your Transformation, Your Way!
I haven’t left a single thing to chance with this program. However you prefer to learn - with videos, images, or text - I’ve put the program into your format of preference:
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Darlene H, Cashier

This is the BEST!!!! I have a complete exercise program that will take me three months and then I can start again. Never need to buy another dvd or program. Thank you Susan:) I started out incorrectly I did the video instead of the exercise sheets--I have printed out everything and I’m off to pick up a high quality three-ring binder to keep everything in the same place. I am so excited!!! You should see me smile right now! This is a high quality program; you just stole fitness!!! So happy! — off to the store. Thank you! - Always in fitness—Darlene H.

Carla H, Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor

Just finished day 2. This is so different then what I'm used to! Sweating like crazy! Legs are already sore from yesterday! Lol. I'm used to lifting heavy like the "bros" and taking longer rest periods. Loving this! Can't wait to see progress! I have just under 24 weeks to my 40th birthday. My plan is to do this program twice through and hopefully have the best legs at 40 than I have ever had in my life!! Fit and Fab at Forty! Let's do this!!
--Carla H.

Maurean S. Artist and Fitness Enthusiast

HI Susan, I stumbled across some pictures of you on Facebook, and have looked at your site ... You have the most amazing body! Your training techniques in the videos I watched are very different than what I have seen! I have purchased 3 of your other videos and am thoroughly enjoying them and I want to see which one to purchase next! I have to tell you Susan ... You have THE most unbelievable legs!!! Thank you for always staying in touch personally, it means a lot to me.
1. The Seriously Sexy Legs 12-Week Sculpting Program
Your detailed plan of which workouts to do, on which days and weeks, covering the entire 12 week program. 

You will know exactly what to do and when to do it - regardless of your current fitness level or how much fat you’re looking to burn.
2. The full colour exercise guide with step by step instructions and images. 
This includes modifications for Levels 1, 2 and 3. Not everyone is at the same level, so we will make sure you are training at the pace and level that is right for you to maximize your results AND your enjoyment of the program.
3. Full Video Leg Sculpting Workout Program!
As a complement to the 12 weeks of written workouts we have included various Seriously Sexy Legs exercise videos too! ALL VIDEOS in the Seriously Sexy Legs System can be streamed online, or downloaded for both high and low resolution, for big screen or mobile users!
Fat Finishers - Video Instruction
Follow along with me as I take you through the fat finisher moves; my edge for taking an exercise set to the next level of fat burning! Boy, you are going to sweat! These are the key moves that you will need to include at precisely the right time in the workouts and I will take you through them step by step. 
SYMMETRY MATTERS! Great legs are what we are after, but the rest of your body has to look and feel great too! Enter these "no talk, all action" Super Sculpt Circuits! These are for women on the GO, GO, GO, (I wonder if the men can keep up!)

These VIDEO workouts are less than 15 minutes each, fast paced, circuit style and you can do them at home, outside, OR at the gym! These will hit your entire body and leave it buzzin' on fat melting overdrive! These circuits also feature health tips right on your screen as you train!
Seriously Sexy Legs Features:
  •   DYNAMIC OFFSET TRAINING PRINCIPLES which will FORCE FAT off your body. These are the methods that helped me win 6 Fitness Championships!

I've got you covered, girl! With my My 7 Days Of Satisfaction Eating Plan!
Emotional Eaters And Carb Lovers Rejoice: 
I’m sharing my experience and knowledge to bring you the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE DIET SECRET that has helped me bounce back and not lose it all, even after I "Krispy Kreme'd/Cinabonned" myself into caloric oblivion from time to time. (Kids can do that to you, you know?)

If you are an emotional eater like I am, this is for you and we are gonna be BFF's! 

This is the one thing that gave me an edge through emotional eating, junk eating, bad days, both pre & post kids.

My Under/Over Corrective Eating Plan will provide a detailed “GET BACK ON TRACK” protocol that will “rescue” your progress and MINIMIZE THE DAMAGE that the double fudge mudslide cake, the bottle of wine, or the cookies threaten to do!

After all, no one has perfect eating all the time so this corrective eating plan ensures success, nonetheless! 

And even if you don’t struggle to “eat right”, you’ll still get a TON out of this plan, which is chock full of delicious, nutrient packed dishes that are a breeze to prepare. 

(By the way, this also includes suggestions for when you are eating out, as well as a "handy" portion guide) 

My Metabolism-Revving Secret
Of course, I want to look and feel good but another very real reason I train so hard is that I LOVE TO EAT! The day after a binge can really weigh heavily, not only on your body, but also on your mind and emotions!

I NEEDED AN ADDITIONAL EDGE! But I was skeptical of the strange chemical soups you can buy in cans...which are typically overpriced, unhealthy, and ineffective.

So I created my own from all natural, fresh ingredients that you can find at any supermarket.
It will take you minutes to make it, it has zero calories, and perhaps most importantly - it's tasty!
 Sip this drink throughout the day, after a “bad eating day” and combine it with the Super Sexy Legs program, and you will stop the decline and damage dead in its tracks and get right back on track!
So just to recap, here’s what you get:

The Seriously Sexy Legs 12-Week Sculpting Program ($299 Value)
The Seriously Sexy Legs Full Colour Exercise Guide ($129 Value)
The Seriously Sexy Legs Full Video Training ($149 Value)
BONUS: The “Fat Finishers” Bonus Training. ($99 Value)
BONUS: My 7 Days Of Satisfaction Eating Plan ($79 Value)
BONUS: My all natural metabolic overdrive support drink
($29 Value)
This 12 week program with everything you see here is valued at $784

Train with me for 12 weeks and get your super sexy legs on for just $99

And when you join today, I’m going to give you 
TWO MORE awesome bonuses:
Full Body Foam Roller Workout!
My Full Body Fab Foam Roller Workout will cause your muscles to fire in ways that will have your body wondering. "where have you been all my life?" 

This is a training tool that goes far beyond massage! 
Unannounced BONUS #2! 
Slim and Sleek Waist Workout
In this workout I will introduce you to the power of negative/eccentric contractions, which recruit muscles in a much different way than standard ab workouts do. 

After all, having Super Sexy Legs is awesome. But having super sexy legs AND a firm core to go with it? Look out!

"Get Results, Risk Free" 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I get it. You've taken a so-called "fitness program" before and had it not work out. 

Well this isn't like any other program out there. And I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and prove it.

So join the program, try everything out for a full 30 days, and if you aren't completely wowed by your transformation...or if you just change your mind for whatever reason, write me at susan@susanarruda.com and I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

But fair warning, once you begin to feel and see your transformation...I don't think you'll ever want to go back to the "old way" of doing things. 

So click the button and join now.